Responsorial Psalms ( in number order )

Psalm 1:  Blest Are They
Psalm 15:  The One Who Does Justice
Psalm 16:  You Are My Inheritance, Lord
Psalm 18:  I Love You Lord, My Strength
Psalm 19:  Your Words, Lord, Are Spirit And Life
Psalm 19:  The Precepts Of The Lord
Psalm 23:  The Lord Is My Shepherd
Psalm 24:  Lord, This Is The People
Psalm 25:  To You, O Lord
Psalm 33:  Lord, Let Your Mercy Be On Us
Psalm 34 (I):  Taste and See (i)
Psalm 34 (ii):  Taste and See (ii)
Psalm 34 (iii):  Taste and See (iii)
Psalm 45:  The Queen Stands
Psalm 54:  The Lord Upholds My Life
Psalm 67:  May God Bless Us
Psalm 72:  i Will Sing Of Your Salvation
Psalm 72:  Lord, Every Nation On Earth
Psalm 78:  The Lord Gave Them Bread 
Psalm 80:  Lord, Make Us Turn To You
Psalm 84:  Blessed Are They
Psalm 90:  Fill Us With Your Love, O Lord
Psalm 93:  The Lord Is King
Psalm 96:  Proclaim His Marvelous Deeds
Psalm 96:  Today Is Born A Savior
Psalm 97:  A Light Will Shine On Us This Day
 Psalm 98:  Sing To The Lord A New Song 
Psalm 98:  All The Ends Of The Earth
Psalm 103:  The Lord Is Kind And Merciful 
Psalm 104:  O Bless The Lord My Soul
Psalm 116:  I Will Walk Before The Lord (ii)
Psalm 126: The Lord Has Done Great Things
Psalm 128:  May The Lord Bless Us
Psalm 132:  Lord, Go Up To The Place Of Your Rest
Psalm 138:  In The Sight Of The Angels
Psalm 146:  Praise The Lord, My Soul
Judith 13:  You Are The Highest Honor
Isaiah 12:  Cry Out With Joy