Notes from Bill Hayes

In setting psalms to music, I have found that there may be several volunteers in the music ministry who may not have the best musical sight reading skills, thus making the process of learning new music difficult.   If you have encountered this issue in your music ministry, perhaps you might find this series of psalms a welcome addition to your repertoire.  These psalms have a simple, easy to learn refrain melody along with a common verse melody using a similar melodic contour from psalm to psalm. As the psalms all have a similar sound, many of the volunteers I've worked with, have found this series of psalms easy to learn.  

In addition, all the verse melodies are written with an exact rhythm.  With the exact rhythm for the verses, it allows a vocal ensemble to sing together, thus being more  inviting for those whose may have less confidence and improvisation skills, and allowing those with less musical skills to actively participate with those who are more experienced.

The format is in a leadsheet style with chord symbols and ICEL lyrics.  Although I’m sure you have your regular favorite psalm settings that you enjoy using (as do I), but if you’re like me, you may come across an occasional week during the year where you might have a gap in your psalm selections.  I hope this series will be of assistance.  As I’ll be adding new music on a weekly basis, be sure to check back frequently for new selections.

Need a copy in a congregational size for a worship aide?  Give me a call at (518) 785-5972 or email me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to provide one free of charge with each composition purchased.
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